Dr Joemel Betancourt Herrera

DVM – Senior Veterinarian
Dr. Joemel is Parkview Pet Center’s Senior Veterinary Surgeon. He has been in practice for 13 years and has gained considerable knowledge and experience through the many different types of emergencies and surgeries he has encountered. His particular areas of interest are complex abdominal, thoracic, spine and orthopedic surgeries. Dr. Joemel began his practice as a Veterinarian in Cuba, where he received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. He then travelled to Argentine, Mexico where he founded and ran a Veterinary Clinic for two years before joining our team at Parkview Pet Center. Dr. Joemel is a member of the Cuban Scientific Council, the Small Animal Cuban Veterinarian Society and the College of Mexican Veterinarians. Although Dr. Joemel has a great love for all animals, he holds a particular soft spot for dogs. In his spare time, Dr. Joemel enjoys scuba diving, swimming, and dancing.

Dr. Clara Lima

Dr. Clara has graduated from Lisbon School of Veterinary Medicine. Portugal, in 2010. During her studies she experienced several international externships on both European and American Faculties and was an active volunteer in a Cat & Dog Rescue Center in the Lisbon area. Prior to joining Parkview Pet Center, Dr. Clara worked at Lisbon School of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital. Her main interests are Feline Medicine and Ophthalmology and she is a Cat lover, despite her care and love for dogs. Dr. Clara is very fond of traveling. In her spare time, she likes to go out with her friends for a meal, movies, and concerts but also loves to read and go sightseeing.



Dr. Valentina Fresta

Veterinary Surgeon








Samantha Piper

Practice Manager
Samantha has over 14 years experience in the veterinary profession in the UK. She started her career in Veterinary Nursing and has since worked her way up to Practice management positions. Samantha specializes in Veterinary Nutrition and veterinary nurse training. Her goal is to provide the best veterinary care for you and your pet and has a passion for animal welfare.






Amy Redfern-Pattison








Rory Perie








Christopher Laqundanum















Pet Relocation

Maria Sorongon

Administrative Assistant / Pet Relocation Agent







Zuhair Munir

Senior Accountant







Imran Pasha








Veterinarian Nurses

Joan Dela Cueva

Veterinary Nurse







Sylvain Benumeh

Veterinary Nurse








Veterinary Nurse








Veterinary Nurse








Nilda Mendoza








Mohammed Pharimula

Grooming Assistant and Kennel Assistant















Animal Care Assistants



Vinod Thapa

Kennel Assistant








Kennel Assistant








Kennel Assistant